Established in 1999 by Suheyla Kanca and Humeyra Kanca Eminoglu sisters, Kancaev has brought a new look and approach to giftware, houseware and decoration industry in Turkey. Kancaev's innovative and unique store concept has coincided with products that are chosen with ultimate care from many trade shows all over the world.


Kancaev is constantly in search of unique collections that are exceptional in style and quality. And, Kancaev' associates are dedicated to providing its customers with an outstanding level of service, knowledge and assistance. To choose the best and the most accurate products, Kancaev is constantly in contact with the end-user to feel the market and understand what customers really want.


With its wide range of product line, Kancaev is able to target and serve many different industries in Turkey supplying products to chain markets, organization and catering firms, furniture, textile, flower and chocolate sectors, cafes, restaurants, pastry-shops and hotels. Through their fascination and admiration with innovative and unique products, Kancaev is the first wholesaler and importer in wholesale industry to offer boutique style products to its customers.


Kancaev's mission is to provide novelities from all over the world to their customers at a timely manner.